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Автошкола на английском Our autoschool teach in English

Driving school in Kiyv for foreigners

Terms & Conditions 

The curriculum timeframe depends on the schedule option you choose (link to the schedule form ), but usually it lasts not less than 3 months. 

To enroll in the driving school, you need to have Ukrainian passport (or temporary registration in Ukraine) and identification number.

Education process consists of a few parts:

  1. Medical Examination. Passport, blood group confirmation certificate and 2 photos (3.5cm x 4.5cm) are required. Examination takes place at the driving school premises (26 Mayakovskogo street, shopping center “Daryna”, 2nd floor-Driving school Karat). 

  2. Theory. Consists of 19 online lections alive in mini groups and costs 12000 UAH. (Individual classes can be discussed separately.)

  3. Practice. Includes a few variants:

  • The minimum practice program (which is obligatory) ‒ 20 driving lessons (40 academic hours) ‒ it is a minimum required to be admitted for the further exams at the Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

The minimum practice program costs 12 000 UAH.

  • The optimal program ‒ 30 driving lessons (60 academic hours) ‒ 18000 UAH

  • The maximum program ‒ 40 driving lessons (80 academic hours) ‒ 24000 UAH

  1. Exams. First stage is to take theory and practice exams at the driving school. After passing them you are ready for the second stage ‒ to apply for the same exams at the Service Center. 

In case of success Ukrainian driving license will be issued for your name and will allow you to drive a passenger car in most European countries.

In case of failure, there are still 2 more attempts to pass.

Take a test for a Traffic Rules knowledge


For the foreigners we train the driving in English.

We are the first driving school in Kiyv (Kiev) that provides lessons in English.

Driving School Karat offers driving courses with an English-speaking teacher of theoretical and practical parts.

The full course of theory and practice provides in English.

For students without a driver`s license and not having primary skills, the cost will be 12000 UAH. a full course of theory and 12000 UAH. 40 hours of practical training.

The cost of training for students already having a driver's license is 6000 UAH a full course of theory and 6000 UAH. 20 hours of practical training.

For training questions, please contact the administration of the Karat Driving School by phone:  (073) 101-32-15

We will be glad to see you in our driving school !!!

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Автошкола Карат предлагает курсы вождения с англоговорящим преподавателем теоретической и практической части.

Полный курс теории и практики происходит на английском языке.

Для учеников без водительского удостоверения и не имеющих начальных навыков стоимость составит 12000 грн. полный курс теории и 12000 грн. 40 часов практических занятий.

Стоимость обучения для учеников уже имеющих водительское удостоверение 6000 грн полный курс теории и 6000 грн. 20 часов практических занятий.

Индивидуальные занятия по вождению с англоговорящим инструктором стоят 700 грн. занятие 90 минут.

По вопросам проведения обучения обращайтесь в администрацию Автошколы Карат по телефону: (073) 101-32-15

Будем рады видеть Вас в нашей автошколе!!!

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